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About Wild Love

We are the Wild Ones in pursuit of the heart of God. We choose to stay wild through discovering, developing, and sustaining our wild lives in Jesus.

Our first book "Wild Love for Wild Ones" teaches how to discover, develop, and sustain your own Wild Life. It features extensive stories and insights from our friends Kim-Walker Smith, Misty Edwards, Banning Liebscher, and many other impactful Wild Ones. You can learn more about it here.

Our Wild Love Intensive events are focused on engaging in an immersive experience of intimate worship, interactive teaching, and soul provoking activations. These events provide the space to have a deeper encounter with the Lord, seek direction for the next seasons of our lives, and develop lasting relationships with other Wild Ones following the Lord.

Wild Love events are large, concert-format, multi-day events that feature leading worship artists and speakers along with our own Wild Love team. We bring together a unique set of worship leaders and speakers for each event delivering explosive worship and timely messages to the city we are ministering in. It is our desire that everyone attending a Wild Love event will walk away inspired, ministered to, refreshed, and reinvigorated to pursue their assignments from the Lord.


David Vallier


David Vallier is currently the Worship Director for Morningstar Ministries. He travels all over the world leading worship, consulting, and teaching. David and his wife Ellery recently had their first son Jacques.

Chris Updegraft


Chris Updegraft is currently an Elder for Morningstar Ministries where he has served for 20 years in worship. He is a software executive for a company he co-founded. Chris and his wife Jenny have been married for over 25 years, have 4 children, and have recently become grandparents.

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