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Borders, bickering, and blessing

David shares his thoughts on how we as Christians should engage in the controversial issues of our time. Also, there are less than 100 premium seats left for Wild Love 2018 coming up August 23-25 in the Charlotte area. Get your tickets now at

John’s Jams Rule!

John shares some new jams that he is preparing for the upcoming Wild Love Jacksonville event and David shows off some of the new Wild Love merchandise. You don’t want to miss this 2-day gathering – January 26 & 27. It’s just a few days away! Do you have your tickets yet? Tickets starting at […]

Interview with Suzy Yaraei

David Vallier interviews Suzy Yaraei, a prophetic worship leader and songwriter. Plus, her husband Kamran joins and together they discuss what God is doing, how to trust God through rest, and what’s next in their life. This is a fun couple with a lot of wisdom. You’ll want to watch this video! Don’t forget to […]

Interview with Kelanie Gloeckler

David Vallier interviews Kelanie Gloeckler, a prophetic worship leader, songwriter, recording artist, and teacher. She is a worship leader at New Life Christian Fellowship in Jacksonville, Florida, where we are holding our next Wild Love event. Kelanie shares what wild love means to her and talks about her newest adventure, Access Worship International. Plus, David […]

Pastors On Drugs

Think about a leader or pastor that you look up to. What if you found out that they messed up? Maybe they fell into adultery or drugs, or worse, they lost their faith. Could you still stand in your faith? David Vallier shares candidly about a time when someone he looked up to fell. He […]

So Self Aware It Hurts

David Vallier shares about how in the past he has prided himself in being “self aware” about certain issues in his life. However, he recently had a big epiphany that has caused him to stop and think about how he responds to what he recognizes as an area for improvement. This video is so good […]

Stranger Things, the Mountains, and Being OK to Ask Questions

David Vallier shares his thoughts about one of his favorite TV shows, his recent trip to the mountains for the Wild Love Intensive, and what God thinks about you asking questions. Don’t forget about Wild Love Jacksonville January 26-27, 2018 with Steffany Gretzinger, Amanda Cook, Jeremy Riddle, Don Potter, and more!

We’re Better Christians Than You?

David Vallier and a couple friends – Will and Tristian – discuss differing opinions and how it’s OK to think differently. It doesn’t always make someone right or wrong, and it doesn’t mean someone is a “better or worse Christian” because they believe a certain way. David sends an encouraging message about how to handle […]

Church Or No Church?

What are your views on church? Do you go every Sunday? David Vallier shares his thoughts on church, and how it’s beginning to look different. He also talks about the #1 tragedy in the church. Don’t forget about the Wild Love Jacksonville event in January with Steffany Gretzinger, Amanda Cook, Jeremy Riddle, Don Potter, and […]